Pellet stoves

Anyone looking for high-performance pellet stoves with a high degree of efficiency will love the aesthetic and environmentally sensible modern solution that HAAS+SOHN offer. The HSP 1, HSP 6, and HSP 7 series are equipped with a breakthrough heat exchanger which quickly transfers heat into a room due to its larger surface structure. What's more, without fans, the stoves are almost silent, so they can be installed even in living rooms. You will appreciate the intelligent, smooth regulation of combustion and automatic fuel quality detection. Thanks to these features, the consumption efficiency of our pellet stoves exceeds 90% and the performance ranges from 2.4 to 8.6 kW.

HOME and PREMIUM series pellet stoves are simple to operate: in fact, they do their job practically without aid. Once they are filled, the only information to be added is the room temperature desired at a given time. This is completely controlled by a smart phone using the HAAS+SOHN application. Simply download it and you are off. Pellet stoves featuring the WLAN system offer maximum freedom thanks to remote control with worldwide access – completely independent of location. And in addition to comfort, pellet stoves also allow a romantic view of flames almost comparable to wood-burning stoves.

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