Highlights stoves and inserts

Heat accumulation for long-term radiation of heat
After 2 hours of operation the stove is capable of emitting heat for the following 10 hours.

Reflective glass - safety
Special reflective glass with a reflective layer reflects back into the hearth heat which would otherwise heat up normal glass to a much higher temperature.



Automatic primary combustion air regulator prevents problems during power outages
During a power outage, when water in the exchanger reaches 95 °C, this closes the primary air inlet into the firing chamber with the help of a special thermostatic capillary valve, which makes combustion impossible.


Automatic air control the easiest and most convenient control
Fully automatic air intake control without a power supply. This ensures clean and optimal combustion. Less cleaning and additional heat cost savings.

External combustion air supply - ideal for low-energy houses
The option of a combustion air supply from outside. Heated air from the room is not burned. This is very suitable for well-insulated rooms.


Easy control – Easy control air inlet regulation - easy air supply regulation control with just one regulator
All three air inlets – primary, secondary, and tertiary – can be regulated by just one ergonomic controller. You benefit thanks to complete combustion, thus reducing your costs.

Enamel technology - higher surface resistance
Long-term resistance to scratches, easy to clean.



Continuous operation using coal - long-lasting heat
By using brown-coal briquettes, any feed may by postponed even up to 12 hours, and lower fuel consumption and greater comfort can be achieved.



Tertiary combustion - double combustion saves the amount of fuel needed
The process of utilization of residual flammable gases, which would be released together with smoke through the chimney under normal circumstances. This increases efficiency and results in a reduction of fuel consumption.


Cooling loop - protection against the exchanger overheating
This serves as the protection against overheating if a power outage occurs.

Replaceable exchanger - option of replacing the exchanger with a dummy plug
The heat exchanger can be added to stoves or removed and replaced with the dummy plug at any time. This feature is advantageous in cases when the stove is connected or disconnected from the heating system. Overall stove servicing is simplified due to this feature.



Closable central air inlet
When you are not currently using the stove, the central air inlet can be closed to eliminate the room's warm air loss through the stove.



Paint options - individual colour schemes
The standard supplied white/grey colour can be changed to any colour tint you wish.

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