Chimney stoves with exchanger

The HOME and PREMIUM wood-burning stoves with hot-water exchangers are designed for connecting heating elements or a storage tank water heater. They can also be connected to the existing heating system with an electric or gas boiler. Wood burning stoves with hot-water exchanger are suitable for heating the whole house. Because of the fine combustion, which is greatly enhanced by tertiary combustion in several models, and their high efficiency (normally over 80 %), these wood burning stoves achieve low emission values. Almost all types of wood burning stoves with exchangers are fitted with a detachable heat exchanger, which can be simply removed or added as necessary. This great advantage will be particularly appreciated by those who want to use the stove temporarily without connecting it to their hot-water heating system.

The exchanger is able to transfer about 47–73% of the total thermal performance to the heating elements (water storage tank) depending on the type of stove. The performance of the wood burning stove exchanger is up to 11.1 kW. The offer also includes wood-burning stoves with a heat exchanger that is prepared for a cooling coil, which can be purchased as a special accessory. This system protects against overheating in case of an electrical power failure. Some wood-burning stoves with heat exchangers feature a passive form of protection, i.e. automatic regulation of the primary combustion air. The latest generations of exchanger stoves are fitted with patented exchanger cleaning systems, which can be used even while the stove is operating.

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