WLAN Functions

Pellet Stoves with WLAN Module – a New Generation of Heating

With HAAS+SOHN remote control, your pellet stove is always “close at hand”, allowing you to regulate heating flexibly and conveniently.

Do you want to heat your home for hours during a transitional period and to save heating costs? Do you want to turn on your stove from the office so you are welcomed home by a pleasantly heated house? Do you have a recreational building that you want to remotely pre-heat so that your guests are welcomed by a pleasantly warm environment? Or do you want to heat up the house for your dog or cat on cold days when you are on the road for an extended period?

Equip your pellet stove with a HAAS+SOHN multifunctional WLAN module and enjoy 2 types of remote control. You can control your pellet stove directly from your smartphone using either the “Local” function when you are in or around your home, or the “Global” function from anywhere in the world. The module doesn’t require any additional network connection. Simply connect to your pellet stove and you’re ready to go!

With HAAS+SOHN, taking care of your “PERFECT MOMENTS” is really that simple and convenient.


Don’t have a WLAN network at home? No problem – we’ll set one up for you. In such cases, the WLAN module uses an integrated interface to create your own HAAS+SOHN network.


WLAN Local: The WLAN Local function provides remote control of pellet stoves from in or around your home. With the help of your smartphone, you can control your pellet stove effortlessly from anywhere in your home.

WLAN Global: Thanks to WLAN Global*, you can control your pellet stove using your smartphone no matter where you are. Whether you’re in the office or on holiday, with WLAN Global you can control the heating in your home at any time. This gives you independence.

In order to use the WLAN Global function, you must have access to a home internet network. You can also use WLAN Global to take advantage of the features of the WLAN Local function.


The range of the remote-control functions for your pellet stove depends on the particular model. WLAN Local comes with all currently available pellet stove models. WLAN Global remote control comes with all HSP 6, HSP 7 and HSP 8 series pellet stove models.


HAAS+SOHN Application

Simply download the app for free and off you go! You can have complete control of your pellet stove easily and conveniently with the HAAS+SOHN app.

  • Set up a weekly programme easily with the help of your smartphone
  • Thanks to the app, up to 5 members of the family can connect to one or more pellet stoves and control up to 5 of them at once
  • Push notifications – your pellet stoves can communicate with you through the app, even when they aren’t active. They inform you about cleaning and malfunctions.
  • Secure data transfer via SSL offers everything you need for safe communication


Remote stove control for the whole family – independently from room to room

For the first time, you can simultaneously regulate the temperature of multiple HAAS+SOHN pellet stoves. With the help of the app, up to five members of the family can connect to one or more pellet stoves and control as many as five of them at the same time.

Thanks to the WLAN Local function, you and the family can control one or more pellet stoves in your own home. What’s more, the WLAN Global function allows you to control pellet stoves elsewhere than at home. For example, you can simultaneously heat up pellet stoves in a recreational facility or at your grandma’s house. Share the benefits with the whole family and make your home a place of well-being.

Simple Weekly Programming with Your Smartphone

You can determine the current temperature of your pellet stoves on your smartphone and set a new temperature at any time.

Using your smartphone, the weekly programme mode also allows you to easily set your stoves to turn on and off for up to three different periods of time a day, with selectable room temperatures. Therefore, our pellet stoves heat up your home automatically.

Push Notifications Thanks to the App

Pellet stoves communicate with you by way of the HAAS+SOHN app. Even if the app is inactive, push notifications allow pellet stoves to provide information on cleaning and faults. This way, you don’t have to worry.

Protected Data Transfer Provides Everything You Need for a Safe Home

The data of all individual users of pellet stoves is conveniently managed. Data is protected with the help of SSL encryption, as with online banking, and remains in your home. This keeps your home permanently secure even when you are on the road.


Thanks to HAAS+SOHN, Heating Your Home Has Never Been Easier or Smarter

Using our app, you can heat your home responsibly and efficiently control the temperature in your rooms for uniform warmth. This way, you can save money on heating costs and, in so doing, protect not only the environment but also your wallet.

Control Pellet Stoves Remotely with the Functions of Our App

Complete Comfort with Remote Control Via Your Smartphone!


Simply download the app for free and start it up!
Full control of pellet stoves is convenient and simple with the HAAS+SOHN app.

The HS 5.0 operating system developed by HAAS+SOHN creates a new generation of remote control. – “Made in Austria”

Download the app for free:

googleplay appstore


From version iOS 7 and Android 4.0 (see type of device). Created for smartphones only.

  • Apple iPhone 4s, 5, 5S, 6 and 6Plus from iOS 7
  • Google Nexus from Android V4.0
  • Sony Xperia Z from Android V4.0
  • Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S3 mini, S4, S4 mini from Android V4.0
  • HTC One from Android V4.0
  • Motorola Moto G from Android V4.0
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