Fireplace Sets

Fireplace kits are intended for anyone who is fond of indulging the pleasures of a family fire. The fireplace kit casing is made of lightweight concrete consisting of individual sections. These are simply attached to each other and fixed using acrylic adhesive, which is included in the delivery. The casing is delivered as raw materials. Before its assembly, it should be treated with a bonding primer, allowed to dry for a sufficient time, then painted and treated so that the surface suitably matches your interior and individual style.

The assembly of the fireplace kit can be managed by any DIY enthusiast and, compared to a classic fireplace, will save you money on construction costs. These fireplace kits are especially advantageous for their ability to accumulate heat and transfer it long after the fire has gone out. The "heart" of the fireplace kits consists of a single-wall firebox with a thick firebrick lining, which ensures greater heat accumulation and more stable operating temperatures.

Customers often believe that a double-wall firebox is more suitable for creating a greater heating effect. However, the opposite is true. Compared to a double-wall firebox, which overheats and needs a fan, a single wall also brings other benefits. The heat emanated by the firebox also heats the air in the space between the firebox and the casing, further accumulating heat. The advantage of having a sufficiently large space between the casing and the firebox is that a large amount of air is heated. Sufficiently large grilles prevent overheating – in contrast to double-wall construction, where a fan is required to accelerate the airflow.

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