Highlights pellet stoves

 A_Safety functions

Safe - safety functions
Safe operation even in automatic mode. Automatic switch-off when the door is open and in emergency situations, such as overfilling or burner fouling, or sudden changes in the chimney draught.



External combustion air supply - ideal for low-energy houses
External air inlet – ensures a combustion air supply from the outside. Ensures safe, faultless and low-cost operation. Ideal for low-energy or passive buildings, or for well-insulated houses.



Extremely quiet operation – almost noiseless
The adjustable blower functions almost silently with ~35 dB(A) and is therefore as quiet as a modern fridge.



Friendly for allergy suffer – thanks to the heat exchanger
Enjoy natural heat radiation and flow with no room air fan. This eliminates swirling of dust and other particles, the air quality is maintained, and eyes and air passages are protected..



Heat accumulation for long-term radiation of heat
After 2 hours of operation the stove is capable of emitting heat for the following 10 hours.


A_Safety functions

ECO - Mode – continuous operation
Pellet stoves do not switch off automatically when the requested room temperature is reached but continue to operate at their minimal output. Thus, losses are avoided in Start- Stop mode. Thanks to it, the flame is constantly visible.


low emision

Denotes environmentally friendly products with very low emission values (< 20 mg/m³) and renders proof that goods are produced environmentally friendly.


A_Safety functions

Fuel quality recognition
Automatic setting for pellets of varying quality ensures clean and effective combustion, thus reducing heating costs. Safe and fault-free operation. Minimal need for cleaning.



Velké prosklení for a cozy atmosphere
The view of the flames is almost identical to that of classic wood, thus bringing about a pleasant feeling of comfort.

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