Chimney Stoves

The design solutions of the HOME and PREMIUM wood-burning stoves serve as heating accessories of households with modern furnishings and holiday houses, as well as more traditional interiors. The stoves are produced in a twin-wall design. The outer stove wall can be tiled with ceramic tiles; sandstone, soapstone, or other natural stone; or they can be made of sheet steel treated with heat-resistant paint. The regulated thermal performance ranges between 2 kW and 12.3 kW depending on the type, and can be easily controlled by the primary and secondary combustion air intakes or by the patented Easy Control system.

HAAS+SOHN Rukov wood-burning stoves are characterized by efficiency exceeding 80%. They provide economical heating due to their low fuel consumption. Such high values are achieved mainly by tertiary combustion, which is a standard feature of all new models. The range also includes stoves with external air supply (CPV), which are ideal for low-energy or passive buildings. Some wood-burning stoves are fitted with closures for the external air supply, which prevent cooling of the rooms where they are installed, thus saving you money.

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