Fireplace Inserts

We offer modern all-sheet metal fireboxes with thick firebrick lining (up to 5 cm) and an efficiency exceeding 80%! Thanks to the external air intake (CPV), all hot-air firebox models are also suitable for low-energy or passive houses. The all-metal sheet firebox is characterized by more delicate operations for the domestic environment due to a lower surface temperature compared to cast iron fireboxes. Thanks to the firebrick lining, the firebox also features greater heat accumulation and more stable operating temperature. It is also characterized by greater light intensity of the hearth into the room. The lifetimes of cast iron and all-metal sheet fireboxes are now comparable. 

In contrast to a double-wall firebox, which may overheat and needs a fan, single-wall construction brings unique benefits. The heat emanated by the firebox heats the air in the space between the firebox and the casing, which simultaneously accumulates heat. The advantage of a sufficiently large space between the casing and the firebox is that a large amount of air is heated. Large grilles prevent overheating – in contrast to double-wall construction, where a fan is required to accelerate the airflow.

The HOME series of HAAS+SOHN fireboxes provides a foundation for your individual fireplace. The choice of various dimensions and shapes ensures that your ideas and wishes are not limited. The flue outlet can be attached from the rear or top to conform to your taste.

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