Fireplace inserts with exchanger

The HOME series fireboxes are designed for lovers of classic fireplaces who also want to make use of the accumulation properties of the fireplace or the fireplace casing as well as connect it to the existing heating system. The total performance of the firebox and the hot-water exchanger can reach up to 20.2 kW depending on the type, while up to 14.7 kW of the performance is transferred to the heat exchanger. This great ratio is achieved by double glazing, which allows more than 70% of the heat in the exchanger to be utilised.

Some models, which feature tertiary combustion, exceed an efficiency of 90%. The proportion of heat transferred to the hot-water heating system is an important factor in the choice of hot-water firebox or firebox with heat exchanger. In the room where the fireplace or the fireplace casing is installed, the consumption of heat is limited by the size of the room. In many cases, heat consumption can be up to 4 kW of the hot-air performance of the source (the actual consumption depends on the volume of heated space and its heat losses). A large amount of heat thus needs to be transferred to the heating system (directly to the radiators or to a storage tank).

HOME series fireboxes with heat exchangers are unique because of their detachable exchanger. As safety and user comfort are important for us, all models are equipped with automatic regulation of the primary combustion air, which serves as protection in case of electrical power failure. The patented Easy Control exchanger cleaning technology will look after your comfort and wonderful moments. 

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