With Ovalis RLU you will no longer miss anything

In recent years, the number of new passive and low-energy houses has risen. This also impacts heating trends, where there is a rise in the demand for low-output stoves. In the case of passive buildings, requirements for low-energy housing are becoming more stringent.

For wooden buildings or other passive houses, customers more often require energy-saving guarantees via the so-called blower door test. Briefly put, the test measures the airtightness of buildings, including energy losses via the fireplace stove. The stove does not consume oxygen in the room thanks to the independent air supply.

You need not worry, we have the solution at HAAS+SOHN. Our PREMIUM series Ovalis RLU stoves fulfil the blower door test conditions and hold a certificate from an international test centre. Apart from the low output of 2.5–5.4 kW, you will also appreciate further advantages, such as automatic door closure. It releases the door and it closes on its own. Or you have the option to use accumulated heat thanks to accumulation stones. External air supply is a matter of course.

Not even the design lags behind the technical parameters. The Ovalis RLU stove, as the name suggests, is elegantly rounded and slim like a pencil. The stove looks exquisite by a wall or in a corner. And the price will pleasantly surprise you; it is half what other manufacturers in this category offer. If you do not insist on the airtightness certificate, you can also opt for the Ovalis, which comes in Grande or Mini versions. We believe that these stoves will win your favour.

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