Radiant beauty - Alytus tiled stove

Do not forget about the unsightly "black boxes". HAAS + SOHN Rukov will put a smile on the face of nostalgia lovers. We present a traditionally made tiled stove with a heat exchanger, but in a design that respects the unique style of your home. The traditional radiant delight and the technical equipment developed are the main denominators of Alytus tiled stoves.

More than just an ordinary stove
The Alytus tiled stove with an exchanger is not only an ideal heat source that will enrich your home with heat, but is also pleasant to the eye. A new dimension is given to the stove by the typical large tiles with very trendy indentations, which is an absolute novelty on the Czech market. Thanks to their colour designs (e.g. white, black or Havana), you will never need to make concessions again. The huge glass door allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the roaring fire, which you will appreciate after a hard day's work. 

Technical perpetual motion
The Alytus tiled stoves even fulfil the expectations of customers in terms of their ease of operation and maintenance. The Easy Control system brings its users considerably simplified operation of the stove, because it allows the control of all the air intakes with one regulator. The patented technology puts an end to the difficult exchanger cleaning - you can now manage all of this from the front of the stove, even during normal operation. Safety does not remain in the background either, which is ensured by the excellent 3-point door closing system.

Fashion does not always have to be expensive!
The tiled stoves are not only beautiful to look at, but will also help you save! The Alytus tiled stoves with a heat exchanger have an extreme performance as well as the option to connect them to an existing heating system. Even the atmosphere says "yes", as the sophisticated tertiary combustion heater ensures exceptionally low emission standards. Even after 2018, it will comply with Act no. 201/2012, on Air Protection. It will, therefore, not be necessary to re-exchange the stove according to new legislation. It is taken into account with such stoves.

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