Pellet stove app for Android

Although we are still unable to make the HAAS+SOHN app for controlling pellet stoves available on Google Play, we have prepared an alternative installation option for you.

Step-by-step installation instructions

1. You can find the link to download the HAAS+SOHN app for Android devices below on this page.

2. To install the app on an Android device, visit this page (this link) directly from the device you want to install the app on (mobile device or tablet).

IMPORTANT: After opening the downloaded installation package, you may see a message that installation from unknown sources is disabled (see Unknown Sources image). However, there is nothing to worry about, our application will not harm your phone in any way. You can therefore enable installation from unknown sources for our application.

3. Then you can install and use the app normally.

We are working hard to resolve the standard availability issues in Google Play.

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